Educational clay workshops for your school / class

We are experienced in delivering engaging and creative workshops to school children of all ages. Our workshops offer children an opportunity to relax and be creative but also gain in confidence and sensory development.

The possibilities with clay are endless and therefore workshops can easily be tailored to any topic / subject and we would be happy to discuss ideas with you or generate ideas for your approval. Some past workshops include Egyptian canopic jars, insects and tile making.

We will be fully equipped with potter's wheels, tools, and all materials. After the session we will ensure that the areas used are clean. The work produced in the workshop will be taken away for firing and returned to the school.

School Trips

There is a lot to do at Aston Springs Farm. Why not make us a destination for your annual school trip? We offer a clay experience for children up to groups of 15 at a time whilst the rest of the children can interact with the farm animals on site.